Board game “The First World War”


Brave soldiers.
Develop a board game for collection of of soldiers “The First World War”.
What I did.
I wanted to create an interesting and clever game historically accurate and with educational elements. The board game has to be fun to play for adults and children, for this we made simple and complete rules.
Together with a talented game designer Roman Dubrov, we designed gameplay, linked the required components, and we get an interesting historical, military and strategic board game.
I do management and art direction of project, engaged the pr-promotion, has made video advertising, corporate identity and logo.

The logo and promotional illustration.

Настольная игра Первая мировая война

The entire set of games.

Первая мировая война настольная игра весь состав

The process of the game.

Первая мировая война настольная игра процесс

Toy soldiers.

Солдатики Первая мировая

All cards .

Первая мировая война настольная игра все карты